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Feng Shui

We provided on-site Feng Shui inspection and consultancy service. No matter it is residential, commercial or industrial, we provide the most suitable suggestion in order to achieve positive energy enhancement and negative energy reduction of the premises.



To provide consecration service over fengshui items, lucky animals, prayer beads, statues, crystals, jades, and personal accessories in order to obtain positive energy and protection. (Please make prior reservation to (852) 6998-8996 through WhatsApp)


Good Date/Time Selection

To increase smoothness and reduce the unfavorable effects by selecting a good date and time for specific events (such as engagement, marriage, renovation, occupancy(move-in), grand opening, contract signing, travel, pray blessing, etc)



Self-Almanac Service 

Picking a good date for important event is not an easy task indeed, even if it is driven from the traditional Chinese Almanac; one may not know whether it is suitable for his/her own use or the date fit his/her birthday. 


Given this situation, you can now employ the  Self-Almanac Service. This service will provide you a list of good dates (the dates are selected after an extensive study your birthday by using The Eight Character/Four Pillars of Destiny) which is suitable for your own use. 


*customer may select starting and ending month (e.g. May 2022 - Apr 2023)


Lucky Name Creation (Chinese-only)

By employing Five Elements and Ancient book of Changes(Yi Jin), we are pleased to provide Lucky Name Creation service for  baby, adult, and business organisation

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