Succession & Declaration (Profile of Michael Ma’s teacher: Mr. David Lung King-Chuen)


Master David Lung King-Chuen was the long-term Feng Shui consultant for HSBC (Hong Kong, London, Mainland China, and several countries in Southeast Asia), Hang Seng Bank, as well as Hong Kong Jockey Club. As a Feng Shui consultant for Hong Kong government, he was the representative in a Feng Shui litigation and has received personal protection from the government (Civil Litigation Unit Attorney General’s Chambers Ref: AGC LTMR 16/88 RA).


Due to the fact that Mr. Lung has discovered several “fake David Lung” in the market, which has employed his title to provide Feng Shui services to different parties and organization(thus has imposed unreasonable charges), this message serves to make the public to beware of it. We preserve the right to pursue legal actions to recover all losses.